The Global Islamic Impact Investment Forum (GIIIF) today is proud to announce its partnership with – IMPACT ZONES.

The connection of the two organisations is intended to provide the government and economic zone members of the GIIIF network with support in integrating sustainability into their supply chain offerings and increase their national attractiveness as a foreign direct investment destination.

Impact Zones is a UAE and Netherlands based operation which offers a combined Commercial and Sustainability Strategy Advisory service. They work with governments and Special Economic Zones to enhance their location’s competitiveness, driving sustainable growth and global value chains.

The Global Islamic Impact Investment Forum (GIIIF), is an international peer to peer network dedicated to Islamic impact. With members from throughout the Islamic world, across three continents. The organisation was founded to explore why Islamic Finance has not yet realised its potential as a mechanism for sustainability, how Impact Investing can become a device for driving shariah compliant investment towards frontier and emerging markets and who can work together to make these efforts a reality.

“Foreign Direct Investment is fundamental to frontier and emerging market development and there is enormous potential for intra-Islamic FDI. Supporting government entities in the integration of sustainability in the functions of their economic zones and import-export processing zones will undoubtedly increase that Nation’s attractiveness to international businesses and investors, and therefore we are very happy to work with Impact Zones to provide expert advice and implementation support to our network,”

GIIIF’s first annual event will take place in London in September 2022, and will bring together stakeholders from throughout the Muslim world to address the potential and importance of Impact and Impact investing in the development of our world. Zoë Harries, Impact Zones CEO is also joining the GIIIF Advisory Board and will be pivotal in the development of the Lil Mustaqbal Pledge for Public sector Participants.

For further information please contact:

Jennie Tillotson

Head of Public Affairs and Media Relations

Global Islamic Impact Investment Forum

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