Partnership with Ark 2030

London January 13th, 2022 The Global Islamic Impact Investment Forum (GIIIF) is proud to announce its partnership with Ark 2030.

The objective of the partnership is to raise awareness about Ark 2030 in Islamic Economies and to encourage projects that will turn back the dial on the climate crisis in Islamic Economies in Africa, Asia and the Middle East.

Ark2030 has developed the roadmap for restoration of the world’s most significant eco systems across continents, and is working to create a unique collaboration of science, academia, landowners, NGO’s and local implementation partners.

The Global Islamic Impact Investment Forum (GIIIF), is an international peer to peer network dedicated to Islamic impact. Together the two entities will collaborate to ensure the interests of the SDG agenda (with a particular focus on nature and bio-diversity) are brought to the forefront of discussion in markets which stand on the front line of the climate crisis such as Bangladesh, and those with the greatest future challenges such as in the GCC.

“Our philosophy is based on the principle ‘No Tree Stands Alone’ and every programme we are involved with is strategically designed with multi-stakeholder collaboration at the core. We are therefore excited to partner with the Global Islamic Impact Investment Forum,” said Stephen Fern Chairman Ark2030.

“Ark2030 is an outstanding organisation of programmes aiming to restore global equilibrium and reverse the destruction of our natural ecosystems. For companies and public sector entities that take net zero seriously, this really is the only initiative that can facilitate real and timely change. Many of our partners and stakeholders are in countries which are already feeling major effects of climate change, and so we are proud to bring them solutions to what can seem an unwinnable fight,” Sophia Shepodd Innocenti – CEO of the GIIIF

GIIIF’s first annual event will take place in London in September 2022, and will bring together stakeholders from throughout the Muslim world to address the potential and importance of Impact and Impact investing in the development of our world.

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